Thursday, September 25, 2008

Primate Threat Displays

"...Flaxmere College pupil Rachel Walker said the fight, which attracted an estimated 200 young people, had been pre-arranged between pupils from her school and Hastings Boys High School at Flaxmere skate bowl on Tuesday.

Speaking at the the scene of the brawl yesterday, she was matter of fact about the reason for the confrontation. "It's basically girls, territory, colours and gangs."

Flaxmere College had the Bloods and Hastings Boys were Crips, she said..."

More tribalism wankery. Tribalism (aka anti-individualism) is the curse of this country- indeed the planet!

In my day fighting was a one-on-one over some dispute, real or perceived between the two parties. As often as not the two parties got over it and put it behind them.

These morons don't even have the imagination to come up with their own gangs- they have to ape the crap seen on video nasties. Going by the lack of deceased knuckle-draggers, they can't even get that aspect right.

All this was was simply a primate threat display, as seen on Discovery and National Geographic. A pack of twits acting up to a large audience egging them on.

"...Rachel said the trouble was that the district was too small. "All you can do is steal, rob, drink and smoke to fill in the time..."

Cretin- if you believe that load of nihilistic bollocks you are indeed doomed to the fate you have decided on!

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