Thursday, September 04, 2008

They just don't get it...

Most folks can't figure out the point of armed forces- well armed or moderately pathetic.

That is because the main reason for having them is brushed under the carpet.

Why do we have armed forces?

THE MAIN REASON is to keep the powers that be- the powers that be!

Now that doesn't take a lot. NZ's at their worst are up to that. Dealing to an armed insurrection.

The police are not, as they have the Blackadder belief that under no circumstances should the other side have firearms and won't go for anything without a 10-1 advantage!

A couple of companies of infantry suffice to beat the crap out of any of the possible NZ wannabees.

Our rulers fear that too strong an Army and they may take the Fiji option.

One that looks better all the time...

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