Monday, September 22, 2008

It's worse than that- he's brain-dead, Jim!

As the party hoardings spring up- like dog turds on a freshly hosed footpath, one wonders why they are needed. Surely voters already know all what parties are out there and what they stand for! [Insert Tui ad here]

Are the swinging voters actually swayed by an airbrushed photo and a slogan? (apparently yes)

Now I see the importance of colour- in particular red, blue and green. It necessarily follows that if they are swayed by a photo that may or may not resemble anyone, that they are so frickin' thick that they need a colour to identify to!

As is done in these third world countries where they tick the logo- democracy for dummies taken to the extreme.

To MY way of thinking, the voting papers should have a (short) multiple choice section where the voter has to correctly identify, say, five main party policies or principles of the mob that they are voting for.

A wrong answer and your vote is binned.

After all, if you don't know WHY you are voting you shouldn't be bloody well allowed to!

Go back to your frickin' Playstation and leave voting to the big folks!

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