Friday, September 12, 2008

Another dumb-arse idea from the left

"Women in prison will be able to keep their babies with them for two years under a law change passed by Parliament yesterday.

Under current law the limit is six months.

The change will be introduced through an Order in Council when the three women's prisons have constructed new facilities for inmate mothers.

Babies will be able to stay in jail with their mothers until they are two years old.

The bill was drafted by Green Party MP Sue Bradford and Parliament's law and order select committee gave it the green light in November last year..."

Sue, you are a frickin' moron!

Who in their right mind would consider a prison as any sort of fit place for babies?It's not about the buildings or decor, but about living amongst human refuse.

Have you thought about what will happen at two years when the babies are taken away? I doubt it. The break is a hell of a lot easier at six months- or at birth (when it should happen)

Easier especially for the child, who is the only one who's feeling should be considered here.

I know the prison staff at the coal-face are none too impressed. It's not hard to imaging the sort of scenarios that will come about. These inmate scum are the sorts who WILL (have) use a baby as a shield or hostage. And that's their OWN offspring I'm talking about- not somebody else's!

In Sue Bradford's fantasy world, these are all misunderstood and repressed victims who need love, cuddles and taxpayer-funding.


They are EVIL people...

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