Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trying to avoid the return to surfdom

We are not the only place in the world where the main political parties are taking on a certain sameness in policies, erosion of rights, denial of responsibilities and a love affair with new laws and regulations.

Visit the UK blogs and get a look at where another term or two of liarbore could easily take us- scary stuff!!

I found this article over at The Devil's Kitchen and found a familiar theme:

"The modern Conservative Party is in fact Blair’s party resurrected. They are exactly the same. They will pose and posture and do nothing to alleviate the restrictions and controls imposed on us all by the Brown Gorgon, and the Tiny Blur before him. Things will not stay the same when the Tories take over. They will get worse. The Left know this, which is why their opposition to the Tories is nothing more than a few vague insults. The Left are happy to let the New Blair come back.

There is no longer a Conservative party in this country. There are no longer any discernible differences between the three main parties at all. They all want to add more laws, more control, more power to their unelected thugs.

I was going to end this with ‘No, I won’t vote Tory’ but there’s no need.

There is no Conservative party. Not any more.

All we have at the next election is a choice of which EU commissioner is going to run this island. Our only choice is the face of the man who implements the EU state laws.

The only way out is NO VOTES for any of these parties. Vote for a minor party. Any one, you choose. You must vote, and you must vote for anyone on that ticket other than these three.

If any of them get back in, the jackboots will be marching down your street before Election Night Special is over.

Get them out. All of them. There is no other hope for the UK now."

I have been playing the same tune. Get away from the current two horse race.

But of course this won't happen- that would be too much for the sheeple to take on. I can sympathize with them wanting liarbore out reinforcing their way of entrenched 'thinking'.

We are going to have a change of faces, but I suspect the song will remain much the same.

I'm waiting for a commitment to bin liarbore's legislative cluster-fucks, but won't be holding my breath. The only ones promising this are Libertarianz.

Meanwhile, Over at New Zeal, Trevor Loudon has article explaining why a vote for Act is not a waste of time.

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