Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where did the 'Alleged' go?

Every time a crim is caught red-handed, the media are very careful to say 'the alleged axe murderer'

It's always 'the alleged' until after the trial.


When it's about disconnecting electricity!

The same 'leaders' (who couln't lead hungry wolves to meat) are all too quick to point out that we must not judge before the jury does, and takes the public to task for' having a lynch-mob mentality'

Except this time.

Arseholes one & all!


Insolent Prick doesnt post often, but when he does- it's worth the read.

An excellent summation of this media frenzy here

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KG said...

The public are a lynch mob.
Politicians are exercising their collective wisdom. /sarc off