Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nice to be some!

New Zealands most pampered union gets another lollypop

That equates to a 2% pay increase- as all companies who have just been lumbered with the extra week's annual leave well know.

Of course that doesn't matter- the great taxpayer cash-cow will deliver!

I wish I could charge for the minimum hour a day I spend working with my boys and extending the homework they get! (no- not really!- that's just what parents SHOULD do!)

This is on top of a sick leave plan that would make a Scandinavian workers paradise blush.

Every week one of these taxpayer funded she-mountains is off on the bludge!


KG said...

sssshh!! you mustn't criticize teachers, Oswald. They're a protected species.

Oswald Bastable said...

Don't see any kevlar on them!

mojo said...

Came out about 1.5 months ago in Whangarei papers??? Something to do with visibility, putting stuff in the public domain ... making it equivalent to high schools over x number of years isn't it??

Anonymous said...

It is more crap from the government who is made of people who mostly don't have kids. So who is going to look after the kids now they have another week off? Most parents already have trouble finding enough leave to cover school holidays.

Brian Smaller

sweetpea said...

I like the bit where they blame JAFA parents for sending their kids back to school 1 day late for the change. I never heard of that campaign and I am a JAFA.

The fact that they should have shorted the summer holidays instead to allow 2 full weeks at the end of term 1 is never mentioned.