Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Suck it up, shithead

This arsehole think he is getting a raw deal. He thinks he is being clever by saying his mother thinks his sentence is too harsh.

News flash!

There are one hell of a lot of us out here that DON'T.

Many think there should be an additional '1' on the front of your sentence.

I personally think it should be a much shorter sentence.

Just long enough to get the gallows erected!

The vicims family offered some excellent advice:

"...Members of Ashley's family yelled "go hang yourself George" as he was escorted from court by security guards..."

Criminals are seldom self-starters, so I believe the least we can do is to put the rope around his neck and arrange for a 2 meter drop!


Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to give him a shove.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

It eats me up whenever I see that guy. A thoroughly hateful bastard.

sweetpea said...

Of course his mother is going too say that - to him.
So would a lot of others but that doesn't mean that is what they really think. Just that he is scary.

Unknown said...

Its the total inabillity to shut the hell up when they're well off that is breath taking.