Monday, June 04, 2007

Crystal ball Gazing

Todays prediction:

Actors are a species on the verge of extinction. My guess is that the days of the high paid actor will be all over in 10-15 years.

A comet in the form of CGI is entering the atmosphere of their world now.

There will still be work for 'actors' who do movements for the cgi 'skin', but before long the software will do all that too. Same deal for voice-overs.

All the friggin' primadonnas will be back to doing panto's!

And the stage is a far harsher mistress than the screen.

Best of all, maybe they will stop getting actors who's opinions are considered worth a shit!


Barnsley Bill said...

the reporter who wrote that story needs genetic modification

Mrs Smith said...

Actors should act (many can't manage that though), and otherwise shut their stupid traps. Reciting lines that someone else has written does not bestow them with superior knowledge.