Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Outside of the box

The aproach to moving prison inmates is all wrong.

Don't bloody move them so damned often!

Move the courtrooms- they should become part of the prison complex, as should the police lockups be, where there is a convienient prison!

Selling Wellington's court facilities would easily raise the money to build anew at Rimutaka, for example.

There- that wasn't so hard really!

As for their bloody 'Human Rights'- screw them- all rights suspended when the judge says 'Guilty'

As for this 'They are sent to prison as punishment, not to be punished'-Feckin' bollocks. Some trite phrase one of these soft-cock reformers has vomited and is now taken as of being handed down from the mountain on a stone tablet!

Most of these crap-heads (about 90%) don't get half the kicking round they deserve!

And you would get a lot more into a compactor truck than a Ford Transit!

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