Saturday, June 02, 2007

The turn of a friendly card

Ever have one of those moments when a whim causes you to avoid what could have been a very sticky situation?

I had one today. Out for a drive in our new car, I decided to go to Castlepoint instead of Riversdale. A black dorkmobile boy racer car zoomed past us at speed and I gave them the usual friendly wave and the 'crash & burn' curse. Just after that, at about 1230 we passed the Riversdale turnoff.

After a walk up to the lighthouse and around the beach, we returned and on the way, saw a police car stopped at the turnoff blocking the road, lights flashing.

When I got home, I saw on the Yahoo News that there was a fatality crash near Riversdale- one dead, five injured and five cars involved.

At about 1230...


eMMa said...

About 10 years ago my father was driving over the Kaimais from Hamilton to Tauranga one night. He was traveling between two other cars. He stopped at the Tauriko public phone box to call me to see if I had saved him dinner. Then he got back on the road and a few minutes down the road the two cars he was traveling between had been involved in an accident with someone traveling in the other direction. Two people had been killed.

KG said...

My mate was called in to Casualty because of this yesterday--apparently the cops are looking for a car that left the scene and they're not even sure what colour it was.
Perhaps your "black dorkmobile" Oswald?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Lucky for you and lucky for us.
Intuition maybe.

Oswald Bastable said...

The car I saw was one of a group that were racing, but not the one in the fatality.

I will be talking to the pollice tommorrow.

Damned thing was gone so fast I never got the rego!

KG said...

The one you saw is the one they're looking for, I think. They reckon it left the scene.