Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bugger off bloody bizzybodies

What is it with those who just have to encroach on a group that don't want them?

Why would you want to join a club were you knew you weren't particularly wanted?

Its not like this is the only bowls club in the Wellington region!

These bloody irritating women love to trot out the Human Rights Act, but let some bloke try to get into a women-only gym, its a different story...

Get back to the kitchen and bake some pie!


KG said...

".."You will get some sticks-in-the-mud who don't want to change," she said."
Yeah, stick-in-the-muds who think that bloody women ought to be perfectly capable of forming their own clubs, instead of pushing this bullshit agenda.
Why the hell should these blokes change? Is she suggesting that change is necessarily a "good thing" or that she knows better than they do--being a woman and all?

Anonymous said...

Quite simply, Private Property Rights ensure that you can invite any particular group/sex/sexual orientation/religion to join you and other like-minded human beings. Members of clubs such as Working Mens' are private and are quite entitled to associate together without hindrance.

The same logic also applies of course, to clubs/pubs/societies who band together for any lawful purpose, including smoking cigars, swimming nude, or forming a hobby group.

Panday said...


I wanted to thank you for coming to visit my site last week. If you have pictures of the knife you made from a leaf spring, I'd be happy if you emailed them to me for a look.

Let me know if you get back into making knives again.


Oswald Bastable said...

Hell, its a pretty poor effort compared to your work!

I can work metal ok but wood is another matter!

The knife is out there in the garage and probably keeds a good clean-up, but I will take a photo.

I'm currently researching knivesa and knife-fighting for the current book I'm working on.

Oi said...

Funnily enough, I belong to a bowling club where there are both men and women in approximatly equal numbers. Whenever there is trouble, it is the women driving it. Whenever the knives come out and theres character assassination, bitching, arguments - its the women.
The men dont particularly care, but if they disappear for a time, its because their womenfolk have had a snit with someone.

I'm pleased The Handbrake doesnt belong!

Oi said...
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sweetpea said...

I may be female but I know what the problem is with women in mens groups. Cliques (however you want to spell it). Some women, like me, have no time for cliquiness but unfortunately are hampered by our non male sex.

More people should think about why there are no boys in Guides even though girls have infultrated scouts.

Men need man space. No females allowed. Vice versa also applies.