Thursday, June 14, 2007

Honour- these pigs have none!

This is just plain premeditated MURDER. Call it an 'honour killing', but its the same thing!

The sort of murder that gets an appointment with Jack Ketch- in parts of the world that still have their priorities right!

This is one good reason that these swine have no place here in NZ! You don't try to friggin' integrate them- you deport them.


KG said...

Integration isn't an option with these animals, not least because they see their ideology as superior.
(yeah, never mind that lots of them left the backward cesspits their ideology created in the first place)
And there are still idiots in the West who belive that Sharia "law" wouldn't be a bad thing...

Anonymous said...

When I lived in London in the late 80s I knew a British-Pakistani girl who had lived all her life in the UK, went to good private schools and was as English as you could be. Her family married her off to some unknown in Pakistan and she was shipped off there. She escaped and came back to London and was living in a flat with my girlfriend. She would not leave the house without someone with her because she lived in fear of her father killing her.

Brian Smaller

KG said...

And there are thousands of similar stories in the UK, Brian.
The joys of multiculturalism, eh?

sweetpea said...

It's not honour killing. It is honourless killing and that is the message that needs to be got across to males of certain cultures.

The females, for the most part, already understand that.