Sunday, August 06, 2006

Happy Hiroshima Day

"...Tens of thousands of people from around the world gathered in Hiroshima on Sunday to pray for peace and urge the world to abandon nuclear weapons on the 61st anniversary of the first atomic bombing. Blah, blah, blah..."


Nuclear weapons have been all that have kept this world from tearing itself apart for the last sixty-odd years.

Japan collected two buckets of sunshine, compliments of the USA and they haven't been used since. Now if anyone had it coming to them, Japan did. Germany would have been on the the recieving end too, had they held out a bit longer. Instead, they got cities incinerated in firestorms, with an even greater loss of life.

The assault on Japan would have cost more than a million Allied troops. Better a couple of hundred thousand aggresors get the big firework. Before you start crying about the civilian population, do a little research on Japan's biological warfare unit and what they did to China- the legacy of which continues to today- just like with radiation.

Moral of the story?

Don't friggin' attack Pearl Harbour!


KG said...

I nominate Mecca for the next bucket of Instant Sunshine(tm).
They "worship death"?
Fine. Ve haf plenty.

Anonymous said...

My Father fought the Japs at Green Island, opposite Rabaul, in the company of the Americans. Considering the savage battles in Iwo Jima & Okinawa one can imagine the loss of Allied life if we had to physically invade Japan itself. The Bombs were the only answer!

My Wife & I have small US flags in our car rear side-windows today to remember and salute the US Marines who stopped us from being taken over by the little yellow-bellies.

No thanks to the Poms -- all they did was surrender themselves and Anzacs at Hong Kong & Singapore, while many other Kiwis were off helping out Europe in the ME & Italy.

Jude the Obscure said...

Where do these tens of thousands of people travelling from all over the world get the time and the money?

Are Japs still forbidden entry to the RSA?

KG said...

jude--I always wonder that. "Peace activists" seem to have a hell of a lot of money to travel the world.
There's an interesting story in that, methinks......

Brian Smaller said...

I always say that the Japs should get down on their knees and thank the USA for those two nukes. On top of the expected million allied casualties that it would have cost to take Japan, the lesson from Okinawa suggests that about 10 million Japanses lives were saved as well. Simple maths. 200,000 or 10,000,000. Easy choice, all things considered.

Murray said...

I had an uncle in J-Force.

He said we made a mistake in bombing Japan with two nukes.

Stopping at two was very shortsighted.

How are those comemorations for all the civilians and POW's murdered by Japanese aggresion comming along? Any day now is it?

Tui Add.