Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Road rage

There are two kinds.

Those who cause it by driving like a maniac and those who do the same by being over (read super) cautious.

The wife got one today, by daring to drive slowly past a school at 3PM. As you should, if you have more than 2 brain cell in your hat storage rack. For the wanker in the black dorkmobile hatch- giving my wife the finger will get you bitch-slapped by someone who used to get paid for doing just that!

I got the other sort. They stopped their over-inflated roller skate in the middle of SH2, to wait for traffic in the other lane to go by, in order to drive on the wrong side of the road and avoid the flooding. Visibility was shit BTW.

I cut inside as an evasive move and put up a huge bow wave going through the water. (What's the fun in having a 4WD if you can't do that?)

But what moron stops in the middle of a state highway?- all they had to do was slow to the posted 30k to get through the puddle without drowning. If I had hit that pregnant snail, they would have been toast!

That pisses me off- when idiots put themselves in a position where I can kill them. If I'm going to kill someone, I would prefer it be because I want to make them dead!


Murray said...

Then there's the slef inflicted wanker I got yesterday, also on SH2 but on my side of the hill.

Stops at lights SN2 turnoff at U/H. Wanker turns on to SH2 racing to beat ornage light in pissing rain. Spins out after extreme fish tail and puts himself onto medium garden. Gets hims self off the garden by wheel spining and going back forth.

With luck fucking the Jap imported wank mobile half as much has he fucked that garden that our taxes paid for.

The number of times has a security officer I've come accross these self inflicted wankers upside down or through someones fence are beyond count. Usually someone is hurt, most often the young girl in the passengers seat he was trying to impress. The driver never has a mark on him.

Having a liscence doesn't mean you can drive.

Anonymous said...


I believe those will bring a little bit of happiness to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Got that on Greenlane East once. All the Land Rovers and other RemTrac's all crowding into one lane to avoid a puddle at the very most two feet deep.

I hit it at speed in my Corolla and it was beautiful, car just stopped like it had hit a wall and a torrent of water rolled over the car but i carried on, no worries, thinking to myself, you wankers.