Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sumo wrestling

Can there be a more pointless or revolting sport out there?

Two quivering mounds of blubber shoving each other, man-breasts jiggling.

It's not even interesting or exciting- getting shoved out of a circle after a minute of grunting and farting.

When you have a body like Fat Bastard's- please cover it up for the sake of humanity! Keep the goddamn kimono ON!


KG said...

People are no longer fat--they're "big" or 'comfortably sized' or victims of MacDonald's or..
Anything but fat bastards, gottit?
geez, Oswald, you'll never get a position on some guvmint committee at this rate.

Seamonkey Madness said...

Read the chapter in Freakonomics how what sumo wrestlers and school teachers have in common.
Makes the sport even more pointless and outdated than it already is

Murray said...

What brought this on?

Brian Smaller said...

I like Sumo. Must be becasue I sm such a Japophile.

Murray said...

Well a couple of years in Singapore amongst people who got a vist from them a while back can cure you of that brian.

Inpromptue railway projects can haave an effect on your thinking as well.

Oswald Bastable said...

What brought that on?

Discovery Channel!

Murray said...

You're watching sumo wrestling on discovery?

What are you on the DPB or something????

Oswald Bastable said...

That came on after the one on the Company H Iow Ijima assault (or why we nuked the bastards)that I was watching.

No state funds were used in the rubbishing of Sumo!

Brian Smaller said...

OK - when I say I am a Japophile, I stop at the Russo-Japanese War. Sumo fits in with that quite comfortably - kind of like living history. I love Sengoku-era Jap history.