Wednesday, August 23, 2006

90 days- shape up or sod off!

The 90 day employment probation period bill.

This is a bill I support. (although I would rather the government just stayed the hell out and let the parties involved sort these matters out!)

For every uscrupulous employer out there, there is a busload of useless employees. As one who has too often had to put up with the terminally useless in the workplace, they piss me off as an emploer and as an employee.

They interview OK, say the right things and have the right bits of paper. Then before long you discover they aren't fit to shovel shit from one place to another. The sort that has a degree in engineering and can't pick up a screwdriver without stabbing himself.

We have one at the moment (see my previous post on 'Team Players')

Bloody useless. He needs an overseer with a bullwhip to get a day's work out of the idle sod. ( I have the bullwhip, but some law no doubt means 'The Snake' stays on my workshop wall)

Down through the years I have seen more than a few of them come and go. Usually they don't stay long- just a bit longer than that 'Grace" period most skilled jobs have, to allow a FNG to get up to speed. Then you get others that just won't leave. You can be sure they are usually up to the play with employment law, too!

The boss has to pay for these bastards, the other workers have to carry them. Neither of us want them.

For those who think whole workplaces will be laid off every 89 days- bollocks!

Only an idiot would do that (there are some of those out there, mind!) Reality is that recruiting and training is just too expensive- even for scut jobs. If temps are needed, they are employed on fixed-term contracts- far easier than going to the trouble of dotting the I's and crossing the T's on the paperwork to terminate them otherwise.

For the scenario posted on DF's Blog: "I've worked in cafes and restaurants where staff were hired only after working three eight-hour shifts for free (to assess your skill level, of course, despite being able to provide years' of experience, testimonials and a liquor manager's certificate) and had to buy uniforms/aprons etc... "

Tell them to get fucked!

I've heard of this and if the sort of people who work for these types just grew a pair and told them to sod off, it wouldn't happen for long. Grow backbones and stand up for yourselves!

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