Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bleeding Heart Lawyers?- No- bottom-feeders smelling the trough...

"The family of the teenage prisoner killed in custody could have a case for compensation.... Prisoner compensation lawyer Tony Ellis says the family could have a case under the Bill of Rights. He will soon be testing whether it is possible to sue for death in custody in another case, for the family of a prisoner who committed suicide in jail. He says official inquiries need to be carried out first, but some further action should be taken...."

Story Here:

Are these lawyers bleeding heart crim-lovers? I doubt it.

They are lower than that.They are in it purely for their own pockets, snout buried firmly in the taxpayer's trough. As vile a group of parasites as the dole-as-a-lifestyle-choice camp!

If you wonder why so many plead guilty to an open & shut case or continuously appeal convictions, it's because these slime egg their scumbag and dim-witted 'clients' on with false hope.

But the lowlife lawyers still get their loot!

On a the subject of the death in custody, I have always been a firm believer that when transporting crims, they should be in individual cages in the back of a bus. Totally unable to get as each other. When in transit, they should also be shackled and those guarding them need some king of weapon to subdue them, in case of trouble. Tasers or stunners would be my prefered choice (OK, you readers now me better than that- It would actually be a .45 Auto or a shotgun!)

For the record, I have done many inmate transfers. If something goes down in the back of the van, there is NOTHING that can be done. To try and open up the back outside of a secure facility is (1) Bloody dangerous. (2) a sure-fire way to learn what your local WINZ office looks like.

We always seperated out those classified as 'youth offenders' from the others, but hell- they were just as bad as the adult scrotes most of the time. Corrections are being a bit sanctimonious saying that it would never have happened with them, though. Like they follow the rules to the letter every time!

This incident shouldn't have happened. One reason overlooked is that the (probable) killer had a record a mile long. He should have already gone to meet Jack Ketch.

I do feel sorry for the parents- I believe they just wanted to give him the 'short, sharp shock treatment. I would probably have done the same as them and refused his bail.

But- The Bottom Line?

Don't steal stuff! Prison is a dangerous environment!
Learn from this and don't go there...

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Lindsay Mitchell said...

Mean old mother here made sure my son heard about it.