Thursday, August 10, 2006

Keep your goddamn snout out!

Porirua first council to back anti-smacking bill

1.00pm Thursday August 10, 2006By Benjamin Heather

Porirua City Council last night became the first local authority in the country to fly its flag in support of the anti-smacking bill.

More Dribble here:

Goddamn councils should stick to what most ratepayers want them to do. Water, Sewerage, footpaths, mowing the park, removing rubbish.

Let's face it- they are so ineffective at delivering even these core services that these are usually contracted out. The average council 'worker' couldn't find his or her own arse with both hands and a GPS!

Third-rate engineers, lazy clerks and building inspectors that couldn't build a dog house.

What people are missing, is that everything like the latest saving us from ourselves campaign COSTS the RATEPAYER'S. That's us folks, and don't think that just because you rent, you ain't funding these chair-polishers.

Community this and that, safety programes, sister cities- they are all rorts designed around empire building and perks for the cronies funded by monet taken from YOU!

Ever noticed that it is a rates DEMAND?

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