Saturday, August 12, 2006

Selective Preciousness

Moko Halloween tattoo pulled from US webstore
9.10pm Friday August 11, 2006

A fake Maori moko tattoo being sold on an American halloween website appears to have been pulled from the website after complaints from Maori it was insulting.


Gawd, you would think this was the only culture in the world that used the tattoo!

OK, so when are you going to get stuck into the gang members who make a mockery of Moko?

No time soon, I'm betting...


KG said...

If maori want to stop being insulted perhaps they should look first at their own behaviour.
I don't give a stuff about insulting a people who form the bulk of the prison population and are responsible for the majority of children beaten to death.
They NEED insulting.

Murray said...

Was that a "warrior gene" that turkey found or a whinging bitch gene?

Every single other culture on this planet gets this sort of thing but the rest of us don't get to cry about it.

The amount of bollocks many of us put up with over kilts could fill a book. In fact it has, several times.

Seamonkey Madness said...

Since when did Cherokees whinge about kiwi kids dressing up and playing cowboys and indians...ayyyyye?