Friday, August 18, 2006

Things that can bugger up an otherwise good evening...

Your wife buying a kitset desk from Warehouse Stationary and trying to assemble it. More frustrating than a two-year old that insists "I do!" when you are in a hurry.

I find them easy- the red shed's desks & bookcases are actually quite well put-together kits.

However, kitsets and lesser mortals don't mix well.

I often wonder how many of these assemble yourself jobs wind up banished to the darkest conrers of the garage, behingd the old exercise equipment.

Steven Tindal probably does too and laughs all the way to the bank over that!

As usual, I wound up putting the damned thing together!

I could sell my services- I will assemble your kitset for, say- the same as the cost of the kit. But only if assemble has not been previously attempted!


Brian Smaller said...

This reminds me of buying a kitset computer desk. Made in New Zealand it was, but the instructions were in Swahili or may as well hav ebeen as they were incomprehensible. I ended up throwing them out and just putting the thing together. The kids learnt some bad language that evening.

Anonymous said...

Stupid men have stupid wives.

Oswald Bastable said...

The inability to use tools does not automatically indicate stupidity.

However, an inability to open a blogger account does.

Murray said...

Assholes leave asshole comments.

Deadman said...

Anonymous commenters suck ass. Like the one who left all that rubbish about me that I just posted about in my "Week In Review". No balls, no brains, and really, NO CLASS! I've had my fill of anonymous insulters this week. Go fuck yerself, "Anonymous".