Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I didn't vote for them!

What's the deal with Maori royalty?

They seem to be one of the better kept secrets around. I hear more about the goings-on of the Monaco royals in any given year.

I don't have a lot of time for any of them. They seem to only exist to provide filler for woman's magazines. Certainly, the NZ variety remain quieter than a backbencher a year off getting the full pension!

As regards providing leadership, they haven't been capable of leading starving wolves to meat.

It's time kings and queens moved into the history books as something we did before we knew better...


Murray said...

Have you noticed how the violently anti-monarchist left are suddenly all for the home grown faux-royalty.

The King movement was an anti-goverment thing back in the Land Wars days. They were essentially in rebellion and tried to form a state within a state.

The Imperial troops built a sodding big road to supply their operations to put it down (great south road - thats why it's so straight) and then pretty much rolled them over after some hard fought wins.

The "Maori" Queen is a sentimental hangover from this war and if you ask most other tribes will tell you she never had any authority outside the Waikato or over any other tribe.

However revision and oportunism is the name of the game and there's power to be grabbed so it's all on to claim a seperate sovriegn for Maori and we just 1984 Article 1 of the treaty.

Libertyscott said...

I always thought Carmen/Trevor Rupe had to be the most successful Maori Queen and he/she never tried to run anyone's life!

liberty through profit said...

on the button Murray. The generation of Maori born in the the first 1/3rd of C20 would be rolling in their graves at the crap being spouted by soem of the current 'leaders'. I remember being chastised for asking if the Maori Queen represented our family, and was firmly told that our queen lived in the UK, and that I was to never even recognise the Kingitanga movement. The reasoning being that giving them recognition, effectively handed them some of your own sovereignty. Why would you cede sovereignty to a bunch of misfits who had never come close to winning a war against your tribe.
As for the NZ media, their fawning bullshit was pathetic.