Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cutting the prison population.

Bring back secure mental intitutions.

By my observations, about 1/3 of those locked up for any length of time are barking mad. They would have once resided in a secure mental institution, where they belong. Those were closed and they gravitated to the prisons. Ask any policeman about the time they waste in dealing with 'petty crimes' committed by the mentally ill!

Forget the bullshit about who closed what and when. Now is the time to do something about it. How many years in power does it need?

I can have some sympathy with the criminally insane- when comparing them with plain bad bastards, anyway. They should be kept in a more comfortable enviroment- the plain bad should get the army tent, armed guards & barbed wire facilities in the high country. Let the new gold-plated prisons be the secure mental institutions and house the scrotes out the back of Waiouru.

I'm sure the army has plenty of old leaky tents (I've spent more than a few nights in them!)- they could get new ones and the crims can have the old crap.

I'm sure the army would be of assistance in hunting down and shooting any runaways, too!


Anonymous said...

Recently, a weird guy came to my door and shoved a few sheets of paper at me. About to tell him to get lost, I saw his fixated eyes and thought better of it. I thought from his rantings on the sheets of paper that he was as mad as a meat axe and went to the police.

But, the police weren't alarmed at all, hardly even surprised. The police must get sick of picking them up and charging them and the insane are are losing too, being chased imprisoned etc when they should really be in institutions.


Walsingham said...

Alas, these people now increasingly find themselves securely housed within the Parliamentary Labour Party.

liberty through profit said...

looking at the history of mental treatment there is a roughly a 20-25 year pattern, where favour shifts from community to institutional care. we are now coming to the about year 15 in the cycle. So you can expect to see mounting pressure from the public to reintroduce insto care. In the longer term I believe it to be better all round for the unstable, but inevitably thee will be poor providers or abusers who will undermine the institutional care model, thus givingthe bleeding hearts the ammunition they need to justify their arguments