Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Village of the Damned recycles and damn the cost

"The council has responded to criticism from press.co.nz readers, saying 70,000 litres of water needed to erect an inflatable dome in Cathedral Sq will be reused..."

70,000 litres of water- that has a vaule of slightly less than $2.00 per cubic meter- about $130 at the local rate for those exceeding their quota.

So they will truck the water to where it can be reused- that will be 4-5 water tanker loads. Even just going a couple of k's, the cost of the transport is going to far exceed the value of the water.

A typical council PR stunt. They do not have the balls to stand up and say the cost to reuse this water is excessive and is yet another buden on the ever-suffering ratepayers.

But, hey- got to appease the green vote!

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