Sunday, January 02, 2011

Calling it as it is

Michael Laws can be a bit of a cock at times, but he does what so few in political circles dares:

"Former Whanganui mayor Michael Laws has become embroiled in the latest child abuse death after the district's current mayor asked him to remove a picture of the five-year-old from his Facebook page.

Laws refused, saying he was taking the case personally because he knew Sahara Baker from her time at his daughter Lucy's pre-school...

...An email exchange with Main followed, Laws saying: "I have no intention of letting the feral Maori underclass keep killing their kids. They are almost all exclusively Maori ... victim and perpetrator. Look at the local roll call: Karl Perigo-Check, Cherish, Jhia Te Tua ... now Sahara. Notice the common thread?"

He said Main was helping protect a "feral family she didn't know" and signed off: "I regard you and your ilk as part of the problem. Have a great White Ribbon Day next year and feel better about your liberal impotence..."

(Bold Mine)

We need more of this plain speaking and a hell of a lot less pussyfooting around the REAL problem- our scummy underclass- be they brown, white or brindle trash.

If a few folks precious feelings get hurt- they are alive to feel the pain!

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