Monday, January 24, 2011

Pitching to the punters- epic fail

National- let me explain how this works, as you keep making an arse of it.

The party faithful- they just need to see you stick to policy- whatever that may be. You have to really piss them off to make them take their votes elsewhere.

The enemy (greens and the labor party faithful- they will NEVER vote for you. Ever. Not even once. So it MUST follow that you give them NOTHING!

The swinging/undecided/hope they get their arses away from in front of the tv and vote for you voters:

THIS is where the pork and the promises go because THEY put you in or out. The faithful won't put you in and the enemy won't get you out. A mob of fickle cretins do this.

So suck up to them. Try to appeal using policies that your faithful like. Lower taxation, big on Law & Order are always good.


Give the labor toadies NOTHING. They are not swinging voters.

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