Monday, January 17, 2011

Surrender to the crims

"A bill that would make imprisonment a penalty for people with overdue fines, has today been criticised by a lobby group that says Ireland has abandoned similar legislation.

The Courts and Criminal Matters Bill, which was introduced last April and is currently before a parliamentary select committee, is intended to strengthen enforcement measures.

Among the proposed amendments, people with outstanding fines might have their driver's licence suspended. Where fines were unaffordable and unenforceable, the legislation provides for the penalty to be a prison term or home detention sentences.

Rethinking Crime and Punishment lobby group director Kim Workman said international research showed imprisonment for non-payment of fines was a bad idea..."

Yes, well the usual hand-wringers WOULD think that!

And it is NOT a good idea, BUT that stick has to be there for the recidivist types that will not pay. Nor will these types care about forfeiture of licence. They just carry on as if nothing has happened. Jail is the only option for these lowlife- until we bring back the workhouse!

How about dock their earnings or dole? This can be done for liable parent- or even for student loans- just put a lower threshold- like earning or receiving anything as a wage earner or a mendicant.

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