Saturday, January 15, 2011

Economy class

Six bucks per adult/per night and two for kids over three.

And no other campers in sight.

Facilities are toilets and water.

You would think these mooching 'freedom campers'* could afford that.

There are 250 of these DOC campsites around NZ (this is one of the things they do right).

* As in free to crap where they like, leave rubbish and other feral activities.


sweetpea said...

That's cheap. Kauaeranga Valley is $9.20 per night.

Ciaron said...

Drove past a couple on the way in from Akaroa this morning (05.30). Made sure to give the horn a long bast on the way past :)

Oswald Bastable said...

Catchpool valley, a bit further away is $9-10, but has showers.

The Atiwhakatu stream is fairly warm at this time of year, so no problems there. (apart from it pouring with rain shortly after I took that photo!

sweetpea said...

Most of Kauaeranga Valley doesn't even have tap water, you have to get it from the river. There are toilets but no showers.

Perhaps DOC are trying to cash in on Jafas and Trons who don't know better.