Monday, January 31, 2011

Same old line

"Labour will introduce a member's bill to ensure holidays that fall on a weekend can be taken another day.

New Zealanders will miss out on two of 11 public holidays this year because Waitangi Day is a Sunday and Anzac Day falls on Easter Monday - already a statutory holiday.

Labour MP Grant Robertson said the holidays should be able to be taken on a Monday in such instances..."

The merits of this proposal aside- You had how many years in power, when you could have easily done this?

And didn't.

Like the $5000 tax-free threshold.


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The probligo said...

Pathetic? Yes!

But blame the parties? Why? Where was the outcry when people received/bought/obtained by means fair or foul a calender for last year? Not a sausage!

Give Labour credit - they thought of the idea before the Nats - who admittedly have far greater problems of their own making to deal with...