Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I hate food nazis

"Kiwi children are running the gauntlet of fast-food outlets on their way to and from school, research shows.

The high number of outlets near schools is thought to be a factor in the childhood-obesity epidemic sweeping the Western world.

The problem has prompted the Secondary Principals' Association of New Zealand (Spanz) to call for restrictions on what dairies near schools can sell during certain hours.

A new study by Canterbury University's GeoHealth Laboratory showed fast-food outlets were 5 1/2 times more likely to be clustered around schools than other areas and three times more likely to be in poorer areas than rich..."

Did I ever tell you how much I friggin' hate Food Nazis?

Of course I have- and I shall keep doing so.

These scum will not stop until the control EVERY part of our lives, if left unchecked.

The last sentence in the quote shows the shonky 'research' (opinion more like)

There would be more shops in the poorer areas due to the lower bloody rent, more than anything!


Murray said...

research shows that schools are 5.5 times more likely to be built near fast food outlets showing that schools are tarketing fast food outlets.

This must be addressed.

Data tells you facts, not reasons.

Anonymous said...

Almost word for word what they have been trying on in Britain. Here, its burger vans, ice cream vans, and chip shops that are the target of their wrath.

The probligo said...

Oh, my poor, deprived, and ill-treated children!

They got sent to school with a cut lunch and no money.

That simple!