Friday, January 07, 2011

Time for warning signs on stairs

That will be next.

FFS, 50 new signs at a Rotorua park, because of one entirely preventable death.

Do we need warning signs printed (in 50 different languages) along every curb in NZ- because some kid might run out onto the road?

Kids don't think.

Most adults try to do it for them, until they are capable of doing so themeslves.

It is a statistical impossibility to save them from EVERY danger- try as we might...


ssweetpea said...

If 1.2m high fences aren't enough nothing is.

How about taking the novel approach and insisting that parents teach their kids that fences are not for climbing.

halod1 said...

To councils: How about scrapping all the ratepayer funded Lifeguards at public pools and letting us parents be responsible for our kids? Lower our rates while you're at it.