Friday, April 27, 2007

Where will it all end!

How many blades is enough?

Every time another blade has been added, if have pooh-poohed the idea- then gone out an brought one just to see.
Truth is, they have all been improvements.
The three-bladed razor gave me the first decent blade shave I have ever had and that's when I went away from the electric razor. I had been driven to the electric by the appalling disposable razors of the seventies, only resorting to them when out in the field.
The electric that could be used in the shower was really good, but after being dropped a few times, that was the end of that $279 experiment. Then along came the 4-bladed variety and all was good. The refills cost a packet, but then they lasted a long time too.
The latest 6-bladed (5+1) is the best yet- the single trimming blade gets right under the nose for those unsightly hairs that get missed.
But where does it end?
How many blades will these gadgets go to?
Why am I blogging about razors on a Friday night?
Buggered if I know!


Cactus Kate said...


Try being a heterosexual chick who knows how important it is for general decency to shave.

Our choices are terrible. Have you seen the pink disposables in the supermarket (well of course you haven't). Then there are refills which of course go out of stock as they update the bloody things every month.

So there is an answer. Use the mens technology.

Being a man's world that is where all these fucking shaver companies have spent their money.

Men don't mind sharing their razor I have found.

Oi said...

"Men don't mind sharing their razor I have found."

Dont you believe it!

MathewK said...

Thinkin the same thing OB, when i saw the latest had an extra blade, i had to wonder, what will it be in 30 years time, 20 blades?

Yes the refills do cost a packet, I wait patiently for the sales, or get them from walmart in the US, let me tell you stuff is cheap in the US.

Cactus Kate said...


The alternative is body hair. Believe me. Men do not mind sharing their razor. Bless them.

Unknown said...

Actually we do mind.

We mind lots of shit but we don't say anything because we prefer the silence to the high pitched whinging.

Anonymous said...

Goodness Cactus. I thought real women waxed everything nowadays and men's razors were safe at last. Clearly I need to pay more attention and thanks for the wake up call.

Anonymous said...

Ah Cactus. no we dont mind, we dont mind giving you the blunt discarded blade that we've kept for that purpose!

Nobody fucks with my razor(s)