Sunday, April 08, 2007

Blessed are the Cheesemakers

I took the boys for a drive to look at a model railway today

Here: At Cwmglyn Farm and Middleton Model Railway. An unlikely combination of a dairy, a model railway shop and an art studio (enamalwork)

As well as a great model railway setup on display- one that has trains for the kiddies to run- they make cheese.

VERY good cheese! Tonight I will be sampling it with crackers, grapes and a wee drop of Port.

This was the first time I have seen cheese sold as from a particular cow!

And even though they were out in the sticks, they had eftpos!

They are 2km from the Mt Bruce Wildlife Center, also always worth a look.

Yesterday, we did the Staglands visit, just out of Upper Hutt. This is another good one for the kiddies and is one of the now rare places that has barbeque and facilities included in the cost, despite having a good cafe.

Do expect the cafe to be full of noisy rugrats and oversized strollers, mind- it's that sort of place!

The boys enjoyed playing with the critters and my trigger finger kept twitching the whole time, especially when the deer were roaring and I had to hold myself back from attemting to tickle the trout which were as big as salmon.

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Model railway--for the boys eh...