Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cheaper housing for NZ

Here you go- problem solved!

Don't like that one- have a look here

These kitsets are cheap and can be upgraded to residential building codes for about twice the price of the basic kits. They can be put up very quickly- in a couple of days, so what's the problem? They aren't that hard on the eye and beggars can't afford a Frank Lloyd Wright lookalike.

A couple of years ago I priced on of these at about 30K to lockup shell.

Land - 'town planning' and the stinkin' resource red-tape act.

They are the real problem!

Elsewhere, Cactus Kate promotes city apartments as a part of the solution.

If they were filled with persons such as herself, she would be right- and the city would be a much more interesting place! A good idea- provided they remain upmarket and private market or we have the tragic Brit council flats- and who wants South Auckland relocating to the central city (Well- I don't really care, but I'm sure the better class of jaffas will!

One of the more informed players in the property development game, Peter Cresswell comments here:

On the money, as usual!

On thing I can safely say that we all agree on, is that absolutely under no circumstances should the government become involved in building low-cost houses!

Or watch those steel barns turn into +$300k garages!


Cactus Kate said...

You never mentioned the Port Waikato mudflats for beneficiaries Lindsay.

I am not against council housing as long as all state housing in nice areas is sold off and the replacement is multi-leveled and there is a whopping huge fence around it. In fact I suggested once in the Stadium debate bowling over Eden Park and building such a construction right in the PM's electorate.

She may not have been amused.

Mark said...

"so what's the problem?"

Blight? I mean, really, they ARE that hard on the eyes.

It's like settling for sex with the ugly broad and saying that there's no such thing as bad pussy.

Oswald Bastable said...

Ugly is relative.

They aren't ugly when compared with state housing, council flats or the boxes at the bottom of the market.

Mark said...

"Ugly is relative."

You can say that again. You must have seen my cousin...


Anonymous said...

The house in that pic looks a lot better than the ugly drab State Housing in many parts of our country! Even when the rusty old Cortina is on blocks outside, and the stray dogs are shitting all over the lawns, and the grass is growing over the discarded empty Lion Red bottles strewn about, and the fat unwashed lowllifes are lying about getting pissed, at least the house itself will still have some character.