Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More on affordable housing

Apologies to Cactus Katit was presumptuous of me to assume others would think the same ;-)

In principle, I'm not opposed to council houses- provided they provide a return to the ratepayers.

And they have the fence mentioned in her reply!.

But I can just see the 'cheap' house designed by govamint committee.

They will no doubt have to have endless cultural bullshit catered for, come with Sky dishes and be cabled for broadband.

They will need to have multiple garages for the cars on HP that poor people all own.

All the safety features the nanny mind of an OSH inspector can think up will be provided and to appease the greenies- it will be packed with insulation, solar water heating laid on and be made from eco-friendly sustainable materials.

This will all be done on contract, and any contractor who knows their stuff wacks on a big margin to cover the pain (compliance expenses!) of working for a govt. agency!- local or central.


Cactus Kate said...

Samoans have the answer. Fales.

Someone did mention trailers.

Anonymous said...

The guvamint will probably build more 'low cost', or in their words 'affordable' (That is the trendy word now for socialist bludgers) housing and fill them full of their pet voters. But these brand new, clean and tidy houses, will quickly become ghettos and third world ratholes. Because the sort of people who the guvamint puts in these houses, have no respect for property, and believe they are entitled to being supported by the taxpayer. These people just dont care, and will wreck those houses. So if the guvamint is to build state housing, they should be made entirely of prefabricated concrete, so they cannot be easily damaged. Concrete over the lawns, because they will not mow them. Make brick walls instead of fences, so they cannot be torn down to get the old Cortina onto the yard. Kitchen cupboards are to have no doors, toilets are to be a concrete slab, windows are to be made of strengthened glass. They may be gray and drab, but the tenants who the guvamint wants to put there, would feel right at home .............

sweetpea said...

The real problem is the price of the land.

No doubt the councils have cracked down on people camping on their land and living in partially completed homes as well.