Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Slowly, we are getting there.

Graeme Burton jailed for at least 26 years

"Convicted double killer Graeme Burton was jailed for at least 26 years today.
In the High Court at Wellington, Justice John Wild imposed a sentence of preventive detention with a non-parole period of 26 years..."


Slowly, sentences for serious crimes are starting to reflect that they are for serious crimes!

But are they enough?

I don't think so- The least that particular POS should have recieved was an "Until you die" sentence. Weld the friggin' cell door shut and post K rations through a slot.

What I would have like to have seen hime get was a long drop on a short rope- THE LAST TIME HE MURDERED SOMEONE.

I'm sure Karl Kuchenbecker and family would agree. Say what you will about the death penalty- THEY DON'T REOFFEND!

And the execution should be held in a stadium & tickets sold- all proceeds to be shared by the long trail of victims he has left behind!


Anonymous said...

instead of K rations he deserves a 50mmol KCl injection into his subclavian vein.
He really is just a waste of O2.

Murray said...

Yeah this guy is a strong argument for the death penalty.

Leonidas said...

On the plus side, he won't be able to run too far (or fast) from the inmates he assaulted last time. let's hope whats gone around, will shortly come around, if you catch my drift.

Cactus Kate said...

He lost a leg remember.

If only we could shoot off the legs of all serious offenders. It would cut re-offending markedly.

Anonymous said...

Nah, state endorsed killing leads to things like killing people we don't like. There's plenty of debate about how unconvincing the US death row convictions are as well so don't quote them as a good example.

He has something worse for him. No glorious death by shoot out but possibly life in a shitty place as a cripple. For him this sentence is worse - he'll rot and that's about right.

Murray said...

I don't like people who murder others and rape little kills... whats your point?

mojo said...

Yep, Oswald ... preventative detention I am sure used to be seen as whole of life ... but no longer. So he will still be quite mobile, probably not more bitter, when he gets out after 26 years ... & one legged people can & do commit heinous crimes.
It is also somewhat strange that so many offences these days are made 'private' events by our courts ... something about protecting victims ... when the public nature of punishing offending was & is perhaps the most powerful deterrent, vicarious learning or something like that.

MK said...

He killed one and tried to kill another two when got caught this time. Time to send him to a better place. Another way of looking at it, he'll be in jail for 26 years, that means no tax from him, when he gets out he'll be 62, that means he won't work either, that means you'll be coughing up to support his ass from now until he drops dead.

Based on that quick Cost Benefit analysis, my independent advice is to finish him off now, it'll be cheaper for all.

Leonidas said...

I'm quite happy to pay, as long as he is suffering. But like I said, He'd be a bit of a lame duck now, if anyone wanted to get even......

Ash said...

quote = "that means you'll be coughing up to support his ass from now until he drops dead"

To hell with that! He's bad enough, I'm damned if we should be looking after his donkey too!

MK said...

Come on now, the donkey didn't do anything, don't be mean to the donkey.