Thursday, April 05, 2007

What's feckin' Good about Friday?

How can it be 'Good' when I cant't buy a bloody drink!

On my feckin' birthday!

And for the shopping Nazis here- how about you assholes take the day off?

That would make the day better for the shopowners, trying to go about thier business.

It's a fact of life that we have moved out of the Sixties and now have a country that operates ALL YEAR round.

Get friggin' used to it or find a job in a area where they don't work weekends.

That would be (Mostly) called the public 'service'

Anyone spot the irony in the 'We hate Christians' party setting their apparatus upon those who try and sell forbidden items during this religious holiday?

In deference to the 85% of fundie right-wingwer NZer's, I will now have a drink for not being nailed to a tree for saying that it would be nice to refrain from smiting each other!


KG said...

Christian-bashing socialist assholes are happy enough to use a Christian religous holiday to give workers a holiday.
Amazing hypocrisy there.....

KG said...

I see that professional parasite Leila Harre is now head of some union, and she made the comment that the closure was a good thing because it will give people a family holiday without them being able to rack up more on their credit cards.
Since when was the spending habits of grown-ups any of her damn nannying business?
Bastards, the lot of 'em.

Barnsley Bill said...

What KG said.
Also.. Happy Birthday grumpy, hope the lady of the house got some booze in so you won't go without. I like the fact everything shuts down for a day or two over Easter. I have spent the day chopping firewood, not that we need it for more than a week or two in the bay of islands, I particularly enjoyed getting the mighty chainsaw going at the crack to pay back the two "Men" who live together over the valley, most nights they come home from a hard night cooking fish and chips at their shop in Waipapa and immediately start up with the doof doof music and dance till dawn (well, I think it is dancing). Here's hoping I woke them up.

Oswald Bastable said...

Vast quantities were brought in before the state-imposed drought!

Chainsaws are great tools for noise-related Utu!

BTW, A happy birthday to one of my rweaders- you know who you are!

Anonymous said...

Belated Birthday Wishes Oswald!.

I have always been of the opinion that it should be the shop owners decision as to which religious holidays he observes... and we shall soon see how many workers are ecstatic about their four weeks annual when the businesses they work for fold, because they cant pay, I just cant wait to see how Liarbour spin their way out of that un-employment spike.

Anonymous said...

Oh - fuck Easter!

Belatedly - happy birthday to a loveliest man!

Anonymous said...

How come no one has picked up that these poor government bureaucrats are being forced to work on a public holiday they should be spending with their families and not using their credit cards.

Surely the DoL can not use the defence that the inspectors chose to work on Good Friday - that defence is not available to everyone else!

KG said...

anon has a good point there!