Monday, April 16, 2007

Deadbeats abound!

"...Total debt, from back rent and money owed for damage and vandalism, was up from $3.65m at the end of September 2006 to $4.37m as at the end of February this year.

State housing tenants in Porirua, north of Wellington, are among the worst -- owing a total of $325,738 in back rent and for property damage..."


I suppose the best that can be salvaged from this is that private investors are saved the worst of NZ's tenants!

Locally, we have the houses owned by Trusthouse, who brought the houses Housing Corp flogged off. They are the ones who house the shit that the rest of us would dearly like to depart for places elsewhere!

I say, build a ghetto- built like prisons out of concrete and steel-all relatively indestructible as those applying have proven that they are incapable of looking after anything better.

Myself, I would have them in barracks, built as above, fed by a local mess. If it's good enough for our servicemen & servicewomen- it has to be good enough for as bunch of pukes who give nothing back!


Anonymous said...

We have just had our tenants in the Hutt leave a parting present of a ruined wall in the kitchen and two in the bathroom. then for good measure they put a hole in the lounge carpet through the floorboards. Apparently we are just supposed to smile and put up with it but off to the tribunal we go!!

No more Mr Nice Guy from me.

Oswald Bastable said...

Iknow what you are saying

My family also in the rental market!

Anonymous said...

At the lower end of the tenancy market, you will always find the slops, the deadbeats and derelicts, who will turn even the most nicest, freshly painted, clean and tidy home or flat, into a third world hovel in a matter of months, if not weeks or days!

These people may be on low income, and do-gooders and handwringers will bleat about how they must be 'helped' out of 'poverty'. But it is not their income level that makes them what they are, rather it is their ungrateful slovenly attitudes! They have an 'entitlement' mentality that runs deep.

They are lazy and have no respect for others, or even themselves. This attitude makes them not care for the property of others, or even their own.

Best to leave those scumbags in state housing, and the state should do the barest minimum for them!

They want to live in squalor. They want holes in their walls and broken windows. They want overgrown littered lawns. They want to live for free, and resent paying even the token rent asked of them by the state, as this gives them less money for booze, ciggies, pokies, takeaways, and tinnies.

Anonymous said...

Oswald, I may well be a landlord myself in the not-too-distant future, so I am going to be very careful in my selection of tenants! But I am going to ask for rent that is way above what riff-raff can afford, so I should be ok :)

Anonymous said...

Caprox has it. Money is for the important things like spots which get heated on the exposed oven element that stays on indefinitely, slowly burning a hole in the adjacent wall which they want the state to tile so they don't burn down the 'house'.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the poorhouse/workhouse. me thinks the time has come for an old fashioned cure for a modern ill.

Anonymous said...

I had a nice 4 bedroom single level rental in a better part of Porirua East for 4 years and after 2 complete redecorations, incl carpets, in that time I quit and took the capital gain last year. I'm never going to own in that area again and have been put off rentals generally due to returns being piss poor at the moment. I had no idea people could be so lazy and dirty. I didn't realise cockroach farming was an occupation. Most didn't even put the rubbish out - just threw it under the house after smashing holes in the foundation wall vents of course or stacked the bags in the shed. After all that they didn't pay the rent anyway. These ruffians should be living in cages. Do we really need to teach people how to live in a most basic and decent manner?