Saturday, April 21, 2007

Seriously non-PC!

Hat Tip- Clint Heine

Mocking an arsehole

I heard the first joke on the subject yesterday (How did these spread before text messaging?)

Q- What do Mt. Everest & Virginia Tech have in common?

A- A killer slope and they are minus 32...


Heine said...

Yes, I have had a lot of non PC posts this week. But this one was brilliant.

Murray said...

Its like a combination of "Whats big white and fucks Kiwis?" and "Why do Chinese tanks have handbrakes?".

Two different cultures coming together, just the sort of thing labour give grant money for!

Leonidas said...

Remeber this one....

Why did'nt superman save Princess Di?.

Cause he's in a fucking wheelchair!!!!

Murray said...

"If America had elected Kerry then Christopher Reeves would be walking again".

Now that would be a neat trick.