Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A couple of points...

Firstly- It has been said that if more citizens went about their daily life armed there would be less crime.

This is true, but only works in societies that are mostly law-abiding. Thats why this is not a truism in places like Somalia,the Middle East and other lawless lands.

"It's all the fault of American Gun-Culture- all the bad school rampages are there"

The name Beslan ring a bell?

Then there is a huge concern on the MSM here abuot firearm availability in the states.

Didn't here any questioning about where that crap-head Burton got HIS firearms. It was the gangs, but let's not put the heat on THEM, m'kay!

"If everyone went armed, the place would be far more dangerous"

The call for more citizens going armed means more properly trained and qualified citizens, who pass vetting (like no convictions, mental illness or drug/alcohol problems)

Contrary to public and media perceptions, one has to jump through quite a few hoops to gain a CCW permit. Quite rightly, a higher standard is required for those who carry outside their homes.

Then lets look just a little outside the square.

What would the outcome have been if a high proportion of the students had been carrying non-lethal weapons, such as Mace, OC or stunners?
Being hit by multiple sprays of mace would have reduced the body count...


Anonymous said...

I prefer an Unconcealed Carry law. Nothing intimidates like a gun on the hip.

Like my wifes belt buckle says "Nobody ever raped a .38"

Oi said...

Dunno about the Mace - used OC spray on a hyped up arsehole once, and he just carried on doin what he was doin. Took 4 of us to bring him down and WE were more affected from the stuff coming off his face & shoulders.
Wasnt till a ½hr later that it kicked in on him.
Learned a valuable lesson, this stuff doesnt always work on hyped up scrotes.
No, if someone is killing, the only sure answer is to unlimber a round or two into his centre of mass

Unknown said...

It is true that practice has shown 100% of violent offenders are greatly calmed once their fucking heads have been blown off.

None re-offend either.