Monday, July 10, 2006

The world is full of bludgers and bastards!

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This article refers to the Australasian (Australia and New Zealand} slang term. For other uses see Bludger

Bludger is a derogatory slang term for a lazy individual, particularly one who is perceived to receive undeserved welfare or material benefits. "Dole bludger" is a related term in common usage, specifically used to refer to a longterm unemployed person who draws the dole, or state unemployment benefit...

When I'm refering to 'Bludging beneficiaries', the above is the right context. Not those using them as a genuine safety net, but the parasites who stay on the dole as a lifestyle choice. They typically harp on about the dole as their 'right' and endlessly complain about how little they are 'paid'.

The infirm & aged are not the problem. The leech who is a junkie and on a 'Sickness' Benefit is.
The woman who is between jobs is not the problem- the brood sow that keeps poping pups to anonymous sperm donors is.

They deserve nothing but villification and contempt. As does any leech who chooses not to work, while expecting to be supported.

One tireless campaigner is Lindsay Mitchell. Her campaign is to cut the DPB.

I have noticed that many people would agree privately with her ideas, but are reluctant to speak out themselves. Reason- the damned DPB is so pervasive that almost everybody knows somebody on it. People being what they are, won't speak out against those they know- they may offend a divorced friend or a friend who's slutty daughter is taxpayer funded.

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Brian Smaller said...

I just dob people in now and to hell with what friends think.