Saturday, July 01, 2006

Inmate mentality

I have been out of the job long enough now, to start telling a few stories about experiences.

One day after mail call, one of the Scrotes started ranting and cursing. We watched from the guard room, trying to hide our amusement at the primate threat display going on.

After he had blown off a bit of steam, a couple of us went out to see what was up (having had a small wager on what it was about!)

He was highly indignant that his child had been taken into care, due to the mother of said child having been locked up herself.

This was just not on- what the fuck was she thinking- bitchwhoreslutjunkieslag!

When it was put to him that perhaps this was how she felt when HE got locked away for his theiving habits, he just looked blank, totally failing to comprehend what we had put to him.

He was released shortly afterwards.

And was back inside a couple of months later.

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