Wednesday, July 05, 2006

bring back the Workhouse!

Here is the answer for these bludging swine who refuse to work or support themselves.

My proposal:

You are able-bodied and refuse to work, have been on a benefit for more than three years or continually fail to provide proof of activly seeking work- in you go!

Hope you like gruel!


Jude the Obscure said...

They would probably turn it into a p factory.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Fascinating site. Notice in the residents daily dietry allowance was three pints of beer. Can't see when they got time to drink it.

Brian Smaller said...

The beer was because the water was so bad. I imagine it would be small beer - the dregs rebrewed with just enough alcohol content to kill bugs.

coge said...

St Cuthberts workhouse in Scotland had the inmates divided into four classes. The very decent, the decent, the bastardly, & the depraved.