Saturday, July 22, 2006

Police, Prostitutes and Politicans.

I've been following the saga of the moonlighting- or should that be the red-lighting policewoman.

I believe that prostitution never has been a crime, when it's consenting adults involved.

But I don't think it's a good idea for someone involved in policing. As an ex-police friend said "It's not illegal, nor is joining the mongrel mob- I don't think someone doing either should be involved in the police force."

Our police get censured for doing all manner of things that do almost unremarked on by Joe Public. Getting rat-arsed and puking in the gutter, a minor altercation with another, posing nude for a magazine. It seems to me that you are expected to have higer standards when you enforce the law. That's no bad thing, however- the sort of people that will take this job on are often no saints! The sheepdogs that protect the sheeple from the wolves out there, cannot be gentle vegetarians.

Still, when they break the rules, they know they will get clobbered. For those who go on about police whitewashes- the reality is they will come down on their own far harder than you would imagine. A policeman subjected to an internal investigation gets put under the microscope in a way criminals are usually not (apart from Tim Selwyn, perhaps).

OK, we expect our police to behave better than the rest of us generally law-abiding citizens. I think that's fair enough and I beieve most police believe or accept that too.

WHY then don't those who MAKE the laws have to meet these standards? Any kind of standards seem to be lacking there. Why should ex-prostitutes be allowed to be in parliment, for example.

Surely those who purport to be our rulers should ALL be on the moral high ground?

But a politican on high moral ground would indeed be in a lonely place...


Murray said...

But who gets more respect these days anyway?

Police, politicians and prostititutes are all in the same business but at least you can enjoy being fucked by one of them.

Rhys The Shit said...

If you make ex-cons or ex-whores not able to be in parliment I think we would be seeing a whole lot less people like Jenny Shipley