Thursday, July 13, 2006

Living comfortably on a low income part 2

As you have rightly pointed out, I have missed quite a few tips- I rattled that lot of just before leaving for work. Here's a few more.

Avoid like the plague:
Instant Kiwi
Any raffles

These are not known as 'Tax on the stupid/poor' for nothing.

Tobacco can be grown and cured. The seed is available- don't ask me- google it. If you are reading this, you have internet access or know somebody that does. Better you just don't smoke.

If you can't grow it, it takes about seven butts to make a roll-up. Cigarette butts are easy to find.
(this one I haven't done personally, but saw it all the time working as a prison officer)

Buy needles & cotton- they will pay for themselves many times over. Anyone can stitch a button on or repair a seam.

Gardening can be cost-effective, but you will have to grow from seed- don't buy seedlings- they are expensive. Tomatos can be the exception to this rule.

Collect jars and learn to make preserves & pickles.

Newspapers are free at the library.

Hats and long sleves are cheaper than sunscreen. So is staying out of the sun.

Turn appliances off. Best not to buy them- nobody has been able to explain to me why I need three devices for making toasted sandwiches. A frying pan does just as well.

Fill the jug and boil it, then fill a large thermos for hot drinks.

Avoid toys that use batteries.

Condoms are very cheap at Family Planning- about $2/ 12 pack. I suppose girlie stuff is too.

Family support will never cover the actual cost of a child.

Go shares with other families in bulk purchases. Cleaning products especially can be brought wholesale for a fraction of the retail price. Tip- divide up the product as soon as you buy it!

Buy plainpack.

Don't have pets- if you must- a budgie or goldfish.

Share books, videos, cd's, DVD's with friends. (only if they understand what a 'boomerang' is)

Tap water in a bottle, with a squeeze of lemon. keep that in the fridge insted of soft drinks.

Buy a second-hand bicycle. Ride it.

Sell baking, preserves, produce and handcrafts at the local car boot sale.

Don't do Trademe!


Rhys The Shit said...

You could do trademe but only if you know how to use it.
If you are smart and have save a little money each week/month you could make a comfortable income.
Ive been able to make about $200 merchanting on trademe, an easy way to do this is to buy things on trademe and sell them on ebay.
make sure you have information on how much they sell for by checking completed auctions along with the current ones.
Then you can make a killing even just like 20% profit can make a big difference on your income.
but with that you need a second hand dealer liscence which is a bit hard to obtain.
other than that go for it!!

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