Thursday, July 27, 2006

Here we go again...

A man defends himself and his property and plugs a lowlife machete waving moron.

Now the poor sod will be put through the wringer for daring to defend himself and with *shock-horror*- a pistol!

He will get off, but what will the cost be?


Murray said...

He only fired once, how bloody restrained can a man get.

And on the same day some tool pulls a knife in a party pill shop and THREE people get stabbed.

It will be very interesting to see how the two incidents get treated.

BTW the gun shop is a very good, I try to stop in whenever I'm in Auckland. So many pretty toys.

(That should set the soft cocks off.)

KG said...

Too many guns, that's the problem. In this enlightened age there should be no such thing as a "gun shop".
The man with a machete was almost certainly brown which means that he's the real victim here, being forced to rob shops as a result of the savage economic imperialism that left him with lowered self-esteem.
The callous gunshop owner deserves to be dragged through the courts and abused. He was supposed to roll over and cower in fear. After all, the bleeding hearts would have held a *very* nice candle-lit memorial service for him.
Trigger-happy bastard!

Seamonkey Madness said...

The way the "gun-wielding maniac"'s dad interviewed on the news was typical of how ordinary hard-working kiwis are feeling today.

Why can't he defend himself if some machete-swinging hepped-up-on-P pyshco comes into his shop?? If he hadn't he would have (a) lost his hard-earned money, (b) ended up with a faceful of machete or (c) both.

I'm glad they caught the low-life on camera just after getting shot too. Teach the other slime out there that its not worth getting up in the morning to rob a place of business. That, given the means, some people will fight back when you try to take what is theirs.

Anonymous said...

I am a bit uncomfortable with the idea of a loaded gun being under the counter of any shop let alone a gun shop so I asked a couple of gun owning mates if it was possible to load a pistol and shoot a machette whelding drongo before said drongo got close enough to take a swing.

The answer was YES.

I don't have a problem with that.
it was a good decision and a good shot in my opinion.

Oswald Bastable said...

Many pistol shooters compete in action matches, where fast reloading is part of the game.

Anyone with a bit of military service has also had long hours practicing doing just this, also.We used to have to load magazines blindfolded, with the clock ticking.

The nature of a busy gun shop, is that while firearms are secured, there are alway some out being worked on, cleaned or demonstrated to a customer.

Any worker worth his salt can lay his hands on the right ammunition without even looking- that's what they do- this is usually behind the counter, where the staff can get at it.

It takes very little time to tip out a box of cartridges and stuff a couple into a pistol.

Out of curiosity, I would like to know what sort of pistol was used. I'm betting a revolver.

Anonymous said...

It is hypocritical of the Police to even consider prosecuting him. If it is acceptable for the police to shoot dead a man swinging a golf club, it must be acceptable for someone to wound a man swinging a machete.

Oswald Bastable said...

Bloody good point Mark- and I completely supported the police for shooting him!

The police and citizens should be on an equal footing when it comes to treatment over matters of self-defense.

As the law actually allows for!

Murray said...

Speaking as a peer, thus qualifing me as a potential jury member I would accept that he time to locate and load the pistol.

Can I mail my vote in to save time and public money?

Brian Smaller said...

The cops are taking an age to make a decision on charging the shooter. Apparently they want to hear "the other guy's side of the story". What?

Why don't they leave the real victim alone and go and arrest someone for murdering babies.

Murray said...

Good news, his statement is being released on his behalf:

"I am a scum sucking bit of filth without the mental ability to plan a simple robbery with out cocking it and I'm lucky to have not taken one between the eyes. I would like to plead guilty now so as to not waste more public money and piss people off even further."