Sunday, July 16, 2006

On Buskers and Beggers

While walking about Wellington with a friend (who is a rabid Libertarian) we passed a busker, playing a saxaphone.

He dropped a couple of gold coins in the buskers hat and we carried on.

I asked him "Why on earth did you give him money?- that sort of thing encourages them!"

He replied "The music was good, he was doing something when he could have been doing something and he didn't ask for anything."

Thinking about it, I'm far more likely to make a donation for whatever when I'm not asked. If you push a tin under my nose, you can be sure of getting sweet FA!

Telling me I should give or I'm being selfish ain't going to work here!


Murray said...

Gotta say I'm getting real tired of running the gauntlet of "worthy charities" that stake out the entrance of the supermarket with permission of the managment.

If I felt the need and the ablitiy at the same time to give away money I'd seek them out. The fact that I haven't would be their clue that they are not on my list of organisations I give to.

Yes there is a list, there are only three on it and only one of them is based in New Zealand.

Where's my sticker now Geldof?

ImperialGriffin said...

i absolutly have these guys who poision thwe delicate sound of the railway system by singing, screching on a violin or just acting stupid. if it's good, like a flute or something, then haybe. but not a couple of fat teenage girls singing some song of death with someone "maning the heavy violin gun".

ImperialGriffin said...

err, sorry. not Have, Hate.