Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Disproportionate force- getting the job done

There has been a lot of fuss about Israel using 'disproportionate force'

This is understandable as tree-huggers and bliss bunnies seldom do a stint in the military and actually stick their arses on the line.

The name of the game is disproportionate force. You want your guys alive and their's dead.

War is not single combat nor is it sport- two evenly matched opponents/teams slugging it out. Not if you want to win. You want it as disproportionate as you can stack the odds! You don't call him out like in the westerns- you hide behing something big and solid and shoot him in the arse with an elephant gun!

I had this drummed into me very early on in my military career! I was given a target- lone enemy grunt and gave a fire command which directed a rifleman to engage him.


The instructor explained quietly and painfully (the SAS chaps didn't yell a lot- they didn't need to) that I should use the whole fucking rifle section if I wanted him taken out today, given the way most of us dumb grunts could barely hit the side of a hill.

You always remember the one you got wrong!

The IDF is doing it right. If you see a rifleman- mortar him. If it's machine gun- shell him. If they have a mortar- send in an airstrike.

You use every asset at your disposal to get the other guy dead before he does the same to you.

Look to Vietnam for an example of where the full force of the US was continually held back by stinkin' politicans.

An Israel to see how it should be done. Give the military a job and let them get on with it.

As Patton said "You WILL NOT die for your country- you will make those Nazi sons-of-a-bitches die for their country!"


Anonymous said...

when i started my service, my instructor said "son, your the person they invented automatic weapons for... hose the area or use grenades". fun days. remember: its not for you to die for your country, its to make the other poor fool die for his.

KG said...

I'd use "disproportiate force" all right.
Ten megatons of Instant Sunshine (tm) on Mecca should about do it.

Murray said...

I always start at the top of fire support and work my way down till they give it to me.

This did lead to the time we were told we had "unlimited" fire support and I requested a tac nuke.

There were three of them and I stand by my request.

They also quibbled about what parts of NZ could actually be engaged by naval gunfire. I already knew the answer. ALL of it.

Totara Park would have caused a frigate to work up a sweat.

Brian Smaller said...

There is a letter to the editor in today's Dom Post saying just that - Nasty Israel for attacking people who have less weapons than them. Less weapons but fifty times the population - most of whom want to exterminate them once and for all - a sort of Final Solution to the Israel question.