Monday, July 24, 2006

Nanny State's lapdogs at it again

Folate in bread is the latest do-gooder plan to save us from ourselves.

Take your 'enriched' bread, scrunch it up with herbs, onions and an egg and STUFF IT UP YOUR ARSES!

This is something everyone will be paying extra for. Just because some breeders can't be stuffed eating a balanced diet when they are knocked up.

To hell with that- where does it end? vitamins sprinked on the fish & chips? Minerals in the Fanta?

I remember hearing of vitamin enriched cereal in the US and thinking 'Only in America!'
Here in NZ we just eat properly, I thought. And mostly, we do.

No doubt some manufacture of folate is lobbying to make a bit of money here- and Nanny State takes it hook, line & sinker!


KG said...

But..but..Nanny knows what's best for you!

Anonymous said...

The problem with folic acid (foliate) is that the amount considered to prevent neural tube defectes is higher than the amount that can be practically consumed by eating foods naturally high in it. also to prevent these defects the higher amounts have to be consumed before a woman actually knows she is pregnant. Strting to take the pills when 4 or 6 week preganant can be too late.

On the flip side these defects are not common to start with and the number of festuses that survive until birth with these defects are smaller still. Add to that the abortion rate for unplanned pregancys and how many children with these disorders will be born to become a cost to the tax payer?

If this was to prevent a common disorder such as dislexia and autisium I would be all for it. but as it is...I want to see recent statistics on the incedence of neural tube defects(after supplments have been recommended to mums to be) before I would consider adding foliate to flour.

Of course such a move will not help anyone on a gluten free diet!

Murray said...

As it removes choice from individuals and gives more control to the government it is wrong.

Intentions are of no relevence.

Anonymous said...

Compulsory foliate, no smacking, no smoking, no drinking, no fastfood takeaways, no farting in public, this is how Hitler started in 1933. Add in Herr Clark with laws unto herself over highway speeding, signing another's painting, Air NZ share advice, and her troopers revising sedition charges over political comment!

If she robs Peter to pay to Paul she can always be sure of Paul's vote. She makes me puke, but the sheeple will vote for her again for sure. The Labour Party constitution lists "redistribution of wealth" high up on its list -- take from the productive and give to the unproductive.

KG said...

What barry said. Right on.

Anonymous said...

Im with you Barry And you know what really pisses me off When you raise any comparisons with Hitler and the Nazis these little oiks who start bleating Godwin at you. Fact is they dont want to hear the comparisons because they are too close to the bone.Little by little Klark and her mates are robbing us of our freedoms. And all dressed up as being for our benefit. Fact is these bastards hate those of us who are fiscally independent of them I know because more than one of them has confessed.They want a State where the max are reliant of the government for at least part of their income Think Working for Families. This gives them a voter base. Same with all the refugees they let in.The cunning bastards are going to very difficult to dislodge now they have stitched up the middle class mortgage belt.All they have to do is put the frighteners on them re WFF and self interest will see them get the votes.