Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Friggin' space cadet greenies!

Federated Farmers have had a gutsful of the useless bloody greens poking their statist noses where the aren't wanted.

"I say shame on the people who elevate environmentalism to a religious status, shame on you for your arrogance, shame on all of us for allowing the environmentalists' war against the human race to begin, and take hold," Mr Pedersen said today.

Too right!

Despite what some town-dwellers might like to think, farming is the bread & butter of NZ. Aside from that, I have never seen a software application or a peice of scenery that I can eat.

There is an old line about what a greenie is- someone who already had a bush cabin.

I could add another.

Someone who has never spent the school holidays grubbing thistles.

They ain't called 'Watermelons' for nothing- green on the outside and red on the inside.

The great concern for mother earth is just window dressing for the ground-level support. Usually from the young, naieve and inexperienced. At the political level they are just another bunch of control freaks hell-bent on dictating how others must live.

To call Mr Pederson,s scathing remarks as 'Hysterical' is a bit rich coming from a party who live by scaremongering and predicting doom and despair...


Lindsay said...

See Chris Trotter's DomPost column on this subject today (Friday)

Lippy said...

Grubbing thistles huh? Reminds me of the days watching the lads blow up whacking great gorse clumps and big ol' tree stumps. Good times, good times...